MATERIAL: Memory Visco | DIMENSION: 61x40x12,5cm 

A new soft but well-padded cushion that suits your favorite sleeping style made by Memory Visco and in harmony with its unique design, it provides relief from pressure and ideal neck support.

  • Extra comfort and support
    The Merilyn pillow ensures excellent support for the neck and the head. Most people adopt a different sleeping posture, whatever your preference the pillow will adjust to your neck and shoulder curves while helping to wake up rested and revitalized.
  • Flexible use
    The cushion is designed with different sides and curves for individual use. Its shape fits into the neck cavity for the normal and lateral sleeping position.

The MERILYN cushion was originally created for use by NASA to relieve the pressure created by G-Force that astronauts receive.

Today, this unique material can change the world of sleeping.




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*It contains no harmful substances and is in compliance with European standards without toxic substances (EC 67/548).